Propellor | Forum

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Propellor | Forum #1

June 13, 2017

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Propellor | Forum #1


Production, distribution and experience of films will soon be disrupted by artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, co-creation...

In this first event of the Propellor | Forum series, professionals from the film and tech worlds co-created ideas, clustered them into core concepts and sketched out solutions for 

>> Distribution of audio-visual content  
>> Curation of audio-visual content  
>> Adaptive Media (Personalized audio-visual content)


Virtual Curation - a curation service that makes film recommendations while knowing  the availability, viewing location and time window of its users. It utilizes pre-collected data and situational context to allow for optimal film experiences at home or on the go.

The People Factor - a platform where independent producers and filmmakers can find the tools and people to assist them during their distribution campaigns. In a gamified process, increased activity is rewarded through a higher rank in the community.   


Perfect Customer Journey - a marketing tool for films that is powered by big data analysis of potential audiences. This information is used to reach microtargeted communities through individual, personalized strategies. The strategies are continuously adapted through an ongoing learning about the audience.

Film Book - a social media based peer to peer recommendation system which connects people with similar taste, social experience and UX. It gamifies the process through status points and rewards.


Any Film, Anywhere - a service that allows users to keep a list of the films they want to see, and alerts them when those films become available in their territory. The service also tracks the interest and demand for films in specific markets, helping the rightsholders to make informed decisions about their distribution strategies.

Bubble Buster - a recommendation service with two functions: “float” allows users to remain inside their taste buble and receive recommendations accordingly; “pop” bursts the bubble and makes surprising recommendations.

Super AI Brain - a service that collects data during the online activity of its user through a browser add-on, and analyses it through AI. The big picture created by the personal data trail of the user is processed and used to make personalized film recommendations (the collected data is not shared with any third party).


Data of the Movie - a data gathering system collecting the biofeedback of film viewers. It provides them with a personalized data chart of their viewing experience. This data is used to create accurate recommendations of new films, emotional snapshots of films watched, and as basis for a dating service connecting cinematic soul mates.

AI based storytelling - a production tool that clusters audiences through Big Data and forms interest groups through an analysis of their empathy connections. It then uses AI and human curation to develop stories for these specific communities.

Fingerprinting - a tool allowing content producers to capture the bio feedback of the audience during their watching experience. This data is analyzed and can be used to alter and re-design the content during post-production.

Mind Control Cinema - a cinema where the film is controlled by the minds of the audience ( in the assumption that in 2025 we’ll all wear brain implants which allow us to interact with each other and with computers). The audience receives communal audiovisual stimuli but has an individual, personalized viewing experience. 

Empathic Cinema - a  cinema system that uses emotional bio feedback from the audience to adapt the content of the story in real time. Content is pre-produced, but the system selects what to include based on audience reaction.

AR Enhanced Storytelling - an AR audio-visual device that individually alters the story for each viewer. It is based on the viewers’ pre-collected data and their immediate bio feedback, and they can choose their own level of individualisation.

Based on Audience Information - a system that customizes documentaries for individual viewers based on pre-collected data and their knowledge of the subject. An extended source film is adapted to create a personalised version.



Ian Forrester
Senior Producer at BBC R&D, Manchester

Aljoscha Burchardt
Senior Researcher German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence


Jannis Funk
Co-Founder of Cinuru Research, Berlin



Katherin Kirschenmann
Founder, the DO School

Anna Lino
Facilitator, the DO School


Philip Tettenborn
Venture Lab, the DO School

Marie-Claude Rubin
Facilitator, the DO School

The DO School is an award-winning social enterprise that believes good business is the best solution to the world’s biggest challenges




Erwin Schmidt

Erwin M. Schmidt
Founder and Managing Director
Cinemathon Intl.

Erwin Schmidt

Anne Bochmann
Community Management
media:net berlinbrandenburg

Erwin Schmidt

Andrea Peters
Chief Executive
media:net berlinbrandenburg

Erwin Schmidt

Erasmus Hagen
UI/UX Designer & Entrepreneur




>> Seasoned professionals
>> Rookies
>> Students
... from within and outside the film industry, with an interest in FilmTech.
This is the perfect place to combine creative and entrepreneurial potential. We are applying the innovation strategies that make tech businesses successful to the value chain of the film industry.



Great Reasons to attend


>> Interact with like-minded doers, creatives & thinkers

>> Join the interdisciplinary FilmTech community in Berlin

>> Get insights into how film and tech can interact

>> Be inspired to find innovative business opportunities in the film industry.

>> Tap into Propellor’s international network in film & tech

>> Enjoy great hospitality on a rooftop terrace overlooking the city



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