Propellor is a one-of-a-kind film tech hub for the development of new business models for production, distribution and experience of films.

We believe that the film industry is at a critical point right now and needs inspiration from people with a variety of backgrounds to make itself anew.

>> Too many films don't make it to the big screen anymore or cannot be found online, or both.

>> Film festivals are booming but the regular cinema goings experience is in harsh competition with an ever increasing online offer (with the latter addressing and targeting the audience in a much more efficient way).

>> Too many societal and technological developments are not yet reflected in the way films are made, distributed and experienced.

We enable the collaboration between film and tech entrepreneurs and apply innovation techniques from the start-up world, such as design thinking, pitching sessions, ideation, user testing, iteration, minimum viable products, and interdisciplinary mentoring.

We connect the film industry with the latest in information technology such as big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain as well as with new forms of social interaction such as co-creation, crowdsourcing and the sharing economy.



In 2017 the Propellor Film Tech Hub is organizing a series of nomadic ideation events. In 2018 we will establish the Propellor Incubator dedicated to the development of new, innovative business models for the film industry.

Whether a productive spree during a weekend, a high-powered networking lunch with detailed goals, or a deep dive during a week-long bootcamp, our highly collaborative events are the nexus of the Propellor strategy to innovate the film industry.

These events bring people, key concepts and methodologies from the startup and tech world into the film industry, facilitating the development of new technology and innovative business models in an environment where far-reaching thinking is encouraged and failure nothing to be ashamed of.

The experience gained in 2017 will inform the setup of the incubator in 2018, which we will develop in close collaboration with both the  film and tech communities.



A one and a half days ideation workshop. Participants from backgrounds as various as film, business, design, tech, marketing, music and art develop their ideas by using the business model canvas. Come with or without an idea, work in teams during this intensively productive day at IFFR and kickstart your innovative idea for production, distribution or experience of films.            


A collaborative working session. Invited attendees from the film industry and the tech/startup world discuss the challenges of innovation and practical aspects of its application in the film industry. Moderators at each table facilite the conversations and summarize the conclusions at the end of the event.


A two days ideation workshop. Participants pitch ideas and team up to develop a working demo during the weekend, while surrounded by interdisciplinary team members and mentors from a variety of backgrounds. Come with or without an idea, and use this weekend as a springboard into the future of the film industry.


Propellor | Forum is a series of events in Berlin between summer 2017 and spring 2018, a touchpoint between the film industry and the start-up & tech world. The aim of the Propellor | Forum is to develop an interdisciplinary FilmTech community in Berlin and to enable the development of new, innovative business models for the film industry.




Do you want to develop a business idea which will change the way films are produced, distributed or experienced?

Seasoned professionals, rookies or students, from within or outside the film industry, with any background, level of expertise or skill-set.

Whether your big love is big data, artificial intelligence or the blockchain, whether new forms of social interaction such as co-creation, crowdsourcing or the sharing economy make your heart beat faster, whether you want to disrupt cinema as a collective experience or have a killer idea of how filmmakers can communicate directly with their audiences: the sky is the limit as long as you have passion, curiosity and determination.





Hear others take chances with their visions and share your own ideas and concept. Step out of the industry to remake the industry by working with people from outside your normal professional circle.


Get support from a curated selection of professionals who will accompany you through the process. Find out early the potential of your ideas. And if they fail - the earlier, the better.


Powered by IFFR, EFM, CPH:DOX and Cinemathon, Propellor offers a ready-made international team and network to work out your ideas and share them with potential partners and customers.



For the ideas that make it to the top and  receive a jury or audience award, we offer follow-up support in order to help you boost the idea into a viable business model and beyond.



The founders of the Propellor Film Tech Hub are two film festivals, a film market and an innovation studio.

We believe the time for change in the film industry has come. We’ve joined forces to propel the film industry into the future, and we’re doing it with you!

Bero Beyer (Festival Director IFFR)

Bero Beyer
Director IFFR

Matthijs Wouter Knol (Director EFM)

Matthijs Wouter Knol
Director EFM

Tine Fischer (Director & Founder CPH:DOX)

Tine Fischer
Director & Founder CPH:DOX

Erwin M. Schmidt (Managing Director Cinemathon)

Erwin M. Schmidt
Managing Director Cinemathon